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About the Practitioner

Gwynne Buttrill- Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Clinical/ Orthopedic Massage- not currently processing insurance.  

I knew I wanted to be a Massage Therapist when I was in high school. I recently completed a Medical Massage class. I will continue to perform clinical/ orthopedic massage until I become proficent in assessment, testing, and technique; also until partnered with insurance companies. I am passionate about clinical/ orthopedic massage and how it effects the structure of the body. The difference between clinical/orthopedic massage and massage therapy is results! With Clinical Massage, you get results without a prescription. Orthopedic Massage focuses on problems with the clients musculoskeletal system. It releases tight muscles, helps to stretch shortened muscles and tendons, breaks up scar tissue, and releases nerve entrapment.  Better body awareness/ improved posture, less pain, and improved quality of life are the ultimate goals for my clients! In fact,  almost all of my clients report having almost fallen asleep or have a desire to nap after their session. I now have an anti gravity chair in my studio for clients to relax in after their session. 

I was born at Patuxent River NAS in 1981, where my father was a Navy pilot. After living in California for many years, my family moved back to Maryland in 1996 where I attended high school and started my undergraduate degree. In 2002, I attended The Utah College of Massage Therapy where I completed both the Professional and Clinical programs. While building my massage practice, I also decided to pursue another field of healthcare. Through Broadview University, I graduated with an Associates in Applied Science in Medical Assisting and moved back to Southern Maryland in 2011.  I became a Licensed Massage Therapist June 27, 2013. I became a Solo Practitioner March of 2016.  I completed Medical Massage program June 2017. 

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