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About the Practitioner

Gwynne Hill- Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Therapeutic Massage. 

I am a small business, solo practitioner, which means I work for myself, by myself. I am licensed health care provider and have extensive, continual education. Rates reflect my education and ability. 

I am a single mom working to provide for myself and my daughter as best I can. I share 50/50 joint custody with my ex, so the nights I have my daughter, I do not do anything work related. 

I knew I wanted to be a Massage Therapist when I was in high school. I am passionate about Therapeutic Massage and how it effects the structure of the body.  Therapeutic Massage focuses on musculoskeletal issues of clients. It releases tight/short muscles, helps to traction shortened muscles and tendons, breaks up scar tissue, and releases nerve entrapment.  Increased proprioception (body awareness)/ improved posture, less pain, and improved quality of life are the ultimate goals for my clients! In fact,  almost all of my clients report having almost fallen asleep or have a desire to nap after their session. I now have an anti gravity chair in my studio for clients to relax in after their session. 

I was born at Patuxent River NAS in 1981, where my father was a Navy pilot. After living in California for many years, my family moved back to Maryland in 1996 where I attended high school and started my undergraduate degree. In 2002, I attended The Utah College of Massage Therapy where I completed both the Professional and Clinical programs. While building my massage practice, I also decided to pursue another field of healthcare. Through Broadview University, I graduated with an Associates in Applied Science in Medical Assisting and moved back to Southern Maryland in 2011.  I became a Licensed Massage Therapist June 27, 2013. I became a Solo Practitioner March of 2016.  

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