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Before and After Session

Before Session:


    If you will be working with me for the first time, please arrive early to allow extra time to fill out paperwork and discuss health history; this helps me understand what your body's needs.    

Make sure to hydrate before the session; when the body is DE-hydrated the muscle tissue becomes tough or tight. The tightness leads to decreased blood-circulation around the area which lowers levels of lymphatic drainage being carried out for the necessary eradication of toxins, or metabolic waste, from the human body.  The build up of waste within the body can lead to worsening the initial issue for which Therapy was sough, rather that improving it. Hardened muscle tissue is eventually converted in fibrous adhesions, which most often results in intense pain being caused during a Deep Tissue Massage session. Once the blood begins transferring blood and oxygen into the hardened muscle tissues, water which is transported through blood circulation helps with removing toxin and waste.


Post Session:

    Please be sure to drink plenty of water (twice your normal intake).

    If this is your first session or it's been a while, you may find yourself bruised or you may be sore for a few days post session, this is a normal part of the therapy. Bruising is blood flow to an area of the body that previously was restricted of flow. Soreness is due to your body not being used to being relaxed. The more relaxed muscle memory your nervous system has, the better the recovery. I have found that an epsom salt soak in the tub helps alleviate residual muscle aches. I recommend drinking an extra glass of water to replace what the salt removes. 


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