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"Outstanding Massage Therapist", John S. 

I learned about California Total Body Massage through one of Gwynne's flyers. I receive a very noticable benefit from my monthly massage treatments. I have alot of medical issues, one being major back problems and Gwynne has helped me in dealing with extremely abnormal tight muscles and I have come to the conclusion that regular massage therapy helps me greatly. Some people finds it a "turnoff" that a health care professional works out of their homes, but DON'T. Gwynne runs her business, I believe as any other therapist. She is very specific in her treatment care and I highly recommend her to anyone.


1) I have some feedback for you in regards to the massage but first of all my body feels absolutely amazing. It is definitely the best massage that I have had since moving out to Maryland. I truly appreciate it.

I enjoyed the pressure throughout the entire massage; however at times my neck felt very painful but that was probably due to the kinks that were there as I am sure you felt. The oil/lotion was applied perfectly throughout the entire massage as there was no issue of your hands hurting my skin or dragging as I have had before.

I truly appreciate working my glutes separately with your hands and fingers as I have not found a massage therapist out here that would do that and with as much running and squatting as I do it was truly appreciated. I would like more focus there as it truly worked it out and it has been forever since they have been worked.

My feet feel completely rejuvenated and I can not wait to run again as you hit them perfectly.

                                               Daniel B.

2) Having just ran a marathon recently, I was in need of a good massage. I found California Full Body Massage on google maps, and I'm definitely glad I did. My therapist sat down with me and reviewed my needs/areas of particular interest, and she was in touch with me and my needs. The massage was amazing--to say the least. The only downside was when it was over. Very relaxing environment, heated table, soft relaxing music--I highly recommend this business if you're in the area!                                        Ryan S. 

3)California Total Body Massage was just awesome and very professional. I was very pleased with atmosphere, the warm massage table (+), and the total body massage. I informed her of the stiff areas and she did an OUTSTANDING job. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I will be coming back!                                Truban H. 


4) I came to California Total Body Massage with a large amount of tension in my back, shoulders, and neck. Gwynne provided professional consultation leading to a targeted effort on my trouble areas during the session. The next day my upper back and shoulders felt amazing (and still do). I would recommend California Total Body Massage to anyone looking for a massage treatment customized to their needs.                John B

5) I recently had a Swedish massage at California Total Body Massage and overall it was a great experience. I visited a few of the competitors in the area to compare facilities, services offered, and prices. I also visited their websites as well. I chose California Total Body massage because of the professional and thorough website, price, and because they offered military discount. When greeted at the door, we went over in detail what kind of massage I was looking for, medical and physical considerations, and expectations. The massage area was comfortable and ready to go upon arrival. Gwynne was fantastic! Not only did she have the ability to break down my trouble spots, she was always mindful to my body's response to adjust her pressure and technique. She can be a conversationalist or be completely quiet depending on what you like. We did both. Overall I was highly satisfied with the experience start to finish. Gwynne is a professional and conducts business as such with respect to her craft and her client. Don't deny yourself the opportunity to experience California Total Body Massage! Thanks Gwynne!!!                Michael S

6) I recently strained some neck muscles and decided to get it worked out by way of massage. She did a good intake interview, asking all the right questions. Based on the interview I ended up getting a deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders only. Amazing! I had WAY better ROM at the end of the session. She was very attentive to my pain threshold, which I really appreciated. But when I needed more pressure she definitely could dish it out. It was perfect. Nice and relaxing work area and background sound. Never an awkward moment during the session, relaxing the whole time, it was great!                             Gabriel A

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